Challenging order from Uniper for the "Green Heat" project in Gelsenkirchen, Scholven

On 01 December 2022, ETABO started construction work on schedule for the "Green Heat" project at the Scholven site in Gelsenkirchen for the delivery of a pump and heat exchanger station.

In this project, previously unused industrial waste heat from the refinery plants in Gelsenkirchen will be used in future to supply district heating to Uniper customers. By using the industrial waste heat, more than about 60,000 tonnes of CO2 can be saved annually and thus the energy infrastructure in the northern Ruhr area can be made more sustainable.

Already on September 30, 2002, ETABO received the order from Uniper Wärme GmbH for the delivery of the pump and heat exchanger station as a functional contract.
In the course of the Green Heat project, our scope of services as general contractor for lots 1 (heat exchanger station) and 3 (pump station) includes the final engineering, the structural and civil engineering, the supply and installation of all equipment parts - such as pumps, control valves, heat exchangers and buffer storage tanks incl. EI&C - and all associated ancillary trades.

What is exciting about the entire project is that, with a project duration until January 2024, the first heat is already to be extracted in the course of 2023. A sporting task! The project team was therefore already formed before the order was received and the engineering team started directly on the day the order was placed. The majority of all orders for the equipment parts have also already been placed today. The cooperation with Uniper Wärme GmbH runs smoothly and is very focused. Everyone is pursuing the same goal.

We at ETABO are positively motivated and look forward to handling this challenging task. Another great project where we can support our customer to reduce emissions.