With our team of engineers, technicians, designers and draughtsmen, we have a powerful team with many years of experience in the detailed engineering and production planning of complex power generation and industrial plants.

In addition to smaller projects, we also solve complex and difficult tasks perfectly and on time. We develop and work out customised solutions.

Planning, design and calculation are carried out using the latest engineering software. This also includes a material management system that seamlessly maps the digital chain from planning and purchasing to documentation and weld seam management on the construction site.
Through our membership and active participation in relevant associations, we are always up to date with the latest technology.

Design and dimensioning

  • Dimensioning of parts and components
  • Thermodynamic design
  • Calculation of pressure losses / heat losses
  • Static and dynamic design of pipe systems
  • Design of steel structures
  • Solution of special problems with the help of FE analyses
  • Determination of building connection loads, preparation of load plans
  • Verification of anchor plates, dowel plates and dowels

Planning, logistics and documentation

  • Execution of feasibility studies
  • 3-D pipeline planning incl. collision check
  • Steel construction / pipe support planning in 3-D model
  • Detail engineering with preparation of all production documents
  • Design of non-standard fittings, fitting drawings
  • List management
  • Material recording and management
  • Documentation for all supplied components
  • Construction site documentation
  • Scheduling

The following software is used:

  • PDMS/E3D design software for accurate and collision-free plant design.
  • Navis Works - visualisation, collision check, review
  • MS-Project - scheduling
  • AutoCAD - 2D drawing software
  • Pipe2 - static and dynamic analysis of complex piping structures
  • Sinetz - calculation of flow distribution, pressure and temperature losses in
  • meshed networks for compressible and incompressible media
  • D.I.E. - Steel structure analysis and calculation
  • DIMy and FERO - Mechanical design of pressure vessels, piping and components
  • LICAD - Support design
  • PED 6.0 - Design and requirements according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Pipe Builder - parts list creation, material management (on site), weld seam management, display of site progress

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