We engineer and develop complete solutions. Our engineers and specialists will solve even the most complex and demanding tasks perfectly and on time. Planning, dimensioning and calculation are made using state of the art engineering software. 
The ETABO GmbH is represented in important committees of trade associations like FDBR, WVIS and VGB and thus an active part of the advancement of prior art.

Our engineers are working with modern 3D planning tools like PDMS. This includes a material management creating a gapless digital chain from planning and procurement to the management of welding seams on site.


Dimensioning and sizing

  • dimensioning of parts and components
  • sizing of Thermodynamic systems
  • calculation of heat- and pressure loss
  • static and dynamic dimensioning of pipelines
  • dimensioning of steelwork
  • solutions for special tasks implementing FE-Analysis
  • determining of structural attachment loads and loading schedules
  • proof of anchor plates, dowel plates and dowels

Planning, logistics and documentation

  • implementation of feasibility studies
  • 3-D pipe design incl. collision detection
  • planning of steelworks and pipe mountings via 3-D models
  • detail engineering and compiling of all manufacturing documents
  • manufacturing and design of non-standardized fittings
  • reports and lists
  • management and tracking of materials
  • documentation of all supplied materials
  • manuals
  • building site documentation
  • scheduling

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