Occupational safety

Occupational safety

Occupational safety is our corporate goal!


Our voluntary commitment

  • It is our prior corporate goal to ensure that every employee, time employee, contractor and visitor gets home healthy every day.

Our responsibility

  • Accidents do not happen by chance. They can only be prevented if all work processes, the organization and the actions of staff are in compliance with our security standards.
  • All company levels have to act responsible and exemplary concerning the preservation of safety, health and the environment.
  • Our highest goal is hazard avoidance.
  • We see it as our duty to constantly strive to optimize our HSQE.

Our measures

  • continuous schooling according to HSEQ rules
  • obligatory use of safety glasses on ALL construction sites and during ALL tasks
  • >90% first responders, >90% security advisors in our construction staff.
  • state of the art protective gear

Our HSEQ system provides preventive occupational safety

  • Save work conditions secure safety of personnel and cost reduction through fewer days of injury related absence.
  • Save tools (periodically maintained and checked) provide trouble free construction and production.
  • Our HSEQ documents a high safety and health standard.
  • Our HSEQ guidelines are constantly being schooled.


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