Corporate policy

Corporate policy

The Company policy of ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH is determined by the management board and is valid for all operations. The policy is fundamental for quality, safety, health and environmental affairs.
The Company policy will be enforced by the managing directors, reviewed not later than three years and, if nesessary, updated.
It will be acknowledged to all employees, contractors and visitors by spreading, bulletins, trainings and information meetings.
As all employees within all operations are responsible for quality, safety, health and environment, it is obligational, to perform all tasks according to the given procedures and instructions.


ETABO is emphasizing the following points:

  • to fullfill customers demands and wishes in time, success-oriented and professional
  • to reach a maximum level of safety, health- and environmetal protection. Sustainment of health of our employees, visitors, contractors and customers as well as sustainment of an intact environment and prevention of physical damage to property will always be spotlighted
  • to fullfill all laws, guidelines, standards and regulations effective for quality, safety, health and environment
  • to prevent all accidents, work-related diseases and operation-related risks
  • to improve safety and health protection as a constant process and be the benchmark amongst the competitors
  • to prevent damages to environment and property
  • to use energy and resources in the most economic way
  • to build and maintain reliable long term business relationships
  • to encourage all employees to act responsible within the frame given by the integrated management system (IMS)
  • to improve and develop the IMS as a steady process
  • to train, educate and promote our employees on an individual base in order to ensure a continuous improvement.


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