Code of conduct

Code of conduct

For suppliers of “ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice”

This code of conduct sets the principles and requirements ETABO expects from their suppliers of goods and services concerning their responsibility for humans and environment alike.
ETABO reserves the right to change or modify this code of conduct at any time. ETABO expects their suppliers to accept this codex and any appropriate changes thereof.  All suppliers offering their services to ETABO or taking on contracts/orders hereby declare:

Compliance of law

  • to keep in compliance with applicable law;

Ban of corruption and bribery

  • to tolerate no form of corruption or bribery including any and all illegal offerings of pay or similar contributions to government officials to influence decision making;

Regard for basic rights of employees

  • to convey the equality of opportunity of its employees, unregarding their race, skin color, nationality, social background, disability, sexual orientation, religious or politic beliefs, sex or age;
  • to respect the personal dignity, right to privacy and personal rights of the individual;
  • to not employ anyone against their will or force them to work;
  • to not tolerate any inacceptable treatment of employees such as physical intimidation, sexual or personal harassment and discrimination;
  • to provide adequate payment and keep in accordance with the minimum wage of the applicable state;
  • to be in accordance with the maximum working hours of the applicable state;
  • to, where legally permissible, acknowledge the freedom of association and neither favor nor adversely affect members of workers organizations and unions;

Prohibition of child labour

  • to not employ workers not able to proof a minimum age of 15 years. Countries that are deemed developing nations in accordance with the ILO convention 138 may reduce the minimum age to 14 years;

Health and security of all employees

  • to take responsibility for health and security toward the employees;
  • to minimize risks and take the best possible precautionary measures against accidents and work related sicknesses;
  • to offer trainings and secure all employees are competent in industrial safety precautions;
  • to maintain and apply an adequate management system for industrial safety;


  • to secure the protection of the environment in regard to legal norms and international standards;
  • to minimize pollution and continuously better environmental protection;
  • to build and maintain an adequate environmental management system;

Supply chain

  • to reasonably promote the adherence of our code of conduct with your suppliers;
  • to keep in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination when dealing with and choosing suppliers.

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